nine years later – a journey


(top left – steph, taken on an olympus trip // top right – chair, taken on an olympus trip // bottom left – fraser, taken on a canon 400d // bottom right – edinburgh, taken on an olympus trip)

I took the above images nine years ago. It feels a bit crazy to write that. On the one hand it seems like no time has passed; like nine years is just a handful. Yet it also feels as though an entire lifetime has been and gone; like the person that took these images no longer exists.

They aren’t the most amazing images taken but I’m proud of them. They signify my journey from the beginning, to where I am now, which is definitely not the end. They were the start of something very special and something I’m incredibly grateful to have in my life.

Photography allows me to express, to create, to spend time with my son, to put food on the table and buy reclaimed furniture that I don’t need. It opens my eyes to cultures, religions, people. It’s my way in to friendships that I will treasure forever. It’s given me a relationship that is my life and my love.

It’s a remarkable thing, this mix of plastic, aluminium, steel and glass being able to give so much.