How is it November already!? I’ve been super quiet on the blog over the last couple of months because I have so many beautiful weddings to share and in past years have gotten to Christmas and have run out of things to keep me busy! So I figured that it’s best to leave some of the wedding stories for over the winter period.

Things I am happy about; we are finally moving in two weeks although we definitely won’t have any semblance of a kitchen for a couple of months, I’ve separated my instagram so I now have a personal account to basically post selfies and photos of Jesse dressed as various cartoon characters, I’ve booked some freaking awesome weddings for next year and I keep reminding myself why I should just STAY ON KETO.

cooking : all the fat and all the protein. lamb roast last night. all Sunday’s should have a roast.
drinking : coffee, almond milk.
reading : all the books are packed.
wanting : endless low carb noodles.
looking : at a building site we call a home.
wasting : whole weekends just chilling out, feels so weird.
enjoying : being more relaxed about work for next year.
waiting : for 4 walls.
loving : november coats and cuddle times.
needing : more energy.
smelling : ikea smelly candles.
wearing : harry potter jammies, of course.
following : keto insta accounts.
feeling : solid.