One Devonshire Gardens wedding photography // Elizabeth & David

*So grateful to Kat at Rock n Roll Bride for featuring this wedding*

I’m in bed at a Campanille by the airport. I can hear the M8 thundering past me and in a way that can only be when solitary, I find it quite relaxing. Comforting almost. I’ve always loved adventures but as Gary and I are booked on so many of the same dates this year my heart struggles to be away from my family.

Glasgow. Scotland’s equivalent to the city that never sleeps. I seem to have spent nearly as much time here now that I live 400 miles away as I did when there were only 50 miles between us.

The Glasgow in my mind has been formed by Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels; a more cosmopolitan space than Edinburgh yet full of dark back streets in an almost Gotham city sort of way. The Glasgow of the real world, the one I will be experiencing in much more depth tomorrow, is not that at all. It’s the friendlier city. The one with the artisan coffee. The one with the better music scene, shopping experience and often warmer climate. The edgier big brother of it’s academic little sister.

The one that is home to Elizabeth & David. Mr & Mrs Rodden to be.


Wow, your photos are beautiful. I see myself getting stuck here for a while. Stunning. Really, really great.

I have just stumbled across your work and I am in awe! You are amazing, your work is stunning. Inspirational actually. I love it.

I love this. Absolutely stunning. Next time you’re in Glasgow get in touch, would be lovely to see your face if you have the time. x

Thank you Paul x

This is not wedding photography as I know it. It’s breathtaking in so many ways. Beautiful work C.

Beautiful coverage Claudia, I especially love the shot of the bride walking down the stairs, such a classic shot, looks like it’s straight from a film poster from the 50’s x

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