Paperback Wedding Albums

Paperback Wedding Albums

I adore magazines. I’ve bought them for the last 15 years; my introduction to them being a subscription to Elle that I read religiously and dreamed of attending the various exhibitions in London that were always included in their ‘things to do’ section.

I’ve been searching for a wedding or portrait specific album product for so long that recreates that same feeling of turning the pages without the worry of grubby fingertips. They are affordable enough that you feel like you can enjoy the product without needing to preserve it – if it accidentally had red wine spilt on it (my normal mistake), just order another!

In saying that, it doesn’t feel flimsy. The paper is a beautiful quality and it holds the colour without banding.

Available in different sizes and with varying amounts of pages, I’m so happy to be able to offer these going forward.

If you love these paperback wedding albums, contact me and I can order one (or more!) for you.