pumpkins & munchkins and baby boys


Hello world on a Monday!

Mr Angry Wind seems to have hit the UK in full force over last night and today. I love watching all of the comments on social media describing how we are all protecting ourselves from Mother Nature and directions on how we should all get-to-Tesco-now-before-all-the-food-runs-out. Within a few hours we’re all complaining about a lack of destruction to the degree that the weather people predicted. Since when do we listen to the weather to that extent? I never have, I’m certain about that! In true Claudia fashion I slept right through any bouts of rain or wind during the night.

I have to say though, that’s the first night in about three that I’ve slept through. Bump has been growing at a seemingly rapid rate and my muscles in my tummy just ache. I’ve taken Google’s advice and am sleeping on my side with a pillow underneath me to ease the pressure.

Oh! I haven’t told you yet! We had a private scan on Monday last week and found out that we are having a little bundle of baby boy joy. We have our name but I think.. for now.. we’ll keep it quiet. I’m not sure if I can go another 5 months with not saying it – accidentally or not – but we’ll see. I was a little sad that I couldn’t use my girl name but it balances out that I can get rid of the boys during football season in about 5 years. Here’s hoping.

My impatient demon is beginning to grow back up again – I was the worst when I was little for the ‘when will we be there?’ questions – and I’ve had to keep busy to prevent going a little bit mad. OH has quite forcefully clarified that we’re not allowed to buy any of the bigger necessities until the January sales so I can’t even spend a fortune on prams with bright yellow wheels or cots with built in nursery rhyme singalongs to entertain myself. Okay, that’s possibly taking it a little far, but you know what I mean. Instead I’ve been stocking up on good old literature and writing down endless notes in a specified Paperchase hardback notebook. I’m a little bit of a Stepford Wife when it comes to organisation so Boy Bump will be on routines from when he regains his birth weight and is seeming to be able to go a little longer than every three hour feeds so I’m swearing by the Gina Ford – Contented Little Baby Book. Baby led feeding and sleeping? No thanks. Claudia led – yes please. With a little bit of compromise thrown in there.

I’m incredibly lucky that both OH and I work from home so there’s no major need for me to be the sole responsibility. I’ve already signed him up to a 10pm feed so that I can sleep a little longer before getting up at my 3am feed. Some parents have looked at me in disbelief when I’ve mentioned this to them as they’ve been awake night after night with sleepless hungry babies but I’m confident that the purpose for the routine is that he’s fed and slept enough throughout the day at the specific times so he should only need one feed in the night and should be sleeping right through by 10-12 weeks. Each baby and each parent is different of course but I’m of the attitude that what you are certain about, you can create. That’s my baby mantra. Any tips on any of this do please leave in the comments – I love to hear about how people have done things!

I’m very excited that this week is HALLOWEEN! I’m not sure it’s ever been a massive holiday that I’ve celebrated but when you have other people around to celebrate with it’s super nice. I’ve bought three big pumpkins and four of those little munchkin ones so lots of carving and gold-glittering to be done. What crafts have you been doing? I especially loved this post by my friend Katy about doing halloween on a budget!

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That’s it for this Monday all! Please do drop me a line in the comments with any thoughts you might have on babies/recipes/halloween.

Love CC x