Roque and Soul – Carlos & Jenna

This is Jenna & Carlos, aka Roque and Soul, on and amongst Brick Lane, East London.

I’m so out of sorts with writing. I’ve just spent the last five minutes writing down some terribly long winded story of how I initially approached these two and found myself on the streets of London with them and the gorgeous Costa Sisters, but I almost fell off my own chair with how scripted it sounded.

In short, these two make me so excited for my work. They make me excited to be a creative. They reinvigorate me to pursue what I love to photograph. They push me to highlight the couples I love to build relationships with and the drive with which they approach their own separate but collaborative identities is an inspiration.

Before you look at my images, you NEED to watch this incredible snippet by the aforementioned Costa Sisters. Girl crush, much!?

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