Rue de Seine Dress For A Herefordshire Wedding | Rebecca & Paul

When one of your favourite and inspiring humans gets in touch to say that her beautiful sister is getting married to a bearded, tattooed photographer bloke and they are hand-making A LOT of dream catchers, you know it’s going to be a pretty epic wedding.

And that it was. Dewsall Court was the perfect backdrop for Paul & Rebecca’s arty/boho/rock n roll chic wedding with it’s own tiny church on site and endless space to fill with wonderful design.

Special note to Rebecca’s insane Rue De Seine dress – I adore their designs!!

“I never thought I’d miss you
Half as much as I do
And I never thought I’d feel this way
The way I feel
About you
As soon as I wake up
Every night, every day
I know that it’s you I need
To take the blues away

It must be love, love, love
It must be love, love, love
Nothing more, nothing less
Love is the best”