Sabrina Ghayour | Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen


Before Christmas, in the DARE Graduate Facebook group, we were tasked with a rather exciting project; ‘You must create a shoot with someone you have not met before (face-to-face) in either their home or place of work. (A slice of their life) It may be someone you have spoken to on Facebook or social media and I invite you to be brave. It cannot be anybody else in this group.

Luckily this project fell at a time that I was re-reading one of my favourite ever books, Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. I knew instantly that I would like to complete the photography challenge in the hustle and bustle of a working kitchen.

Through a wonderful friend (and brilliant designer) of mine, Melissa Love, I attained access to the Supper Club at restaurant Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen. If you’re not privy to the history of this incredible restaurant, read on…

In 2002 Jamie Oliver, while his wife Jools was pregnant with their first child, undertook a concept most others would think was mad. He aspired to hire 15 young people, not currently in employment or education and without any necessary food or cooking experience and turn them into chefs in the brand new restaurant. All whilst being filmed for the program ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’. Through all of the bumps and curves of the process it was a huge success and Jamie was awarded an MBE in 2003 for his efforts. All profit from the Fifteen restaurant goes into the charity that supports the program and it continues to work with apprentices each year.

On to the Supper Club. The charity, Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation, hosts each month a special guest chef who cooks alongside regular contributors Kim Somauroo and Laura Field. In a beautiful room above the restaurant the Supper Club sells out around 30 tickets per meal and aims to get people together. Sat around one long table you can book a block of tickets with friends, or go alone and find some new ones! Either way the food is incredible.

The special guest on the night I was able to have the pleasure of photographing this event was Sabrina Ghayour, whose cookbook Persiana has quickly risen to well deserved success, being named the Best New Cookbook of 2014. If you enjoy middle eastern food, you need to get the book. I promise.

Here are 15 images from the Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen supper club shoot. I hope they make you feel hungry!