Sam, Rob, Leo + Lila (feat. Jesse)

Every time I’ve ever seen Sam, whether that be on the school run or ready for a play-date with the boys, she’s smiling. She has the most infectious positivity to her, and you can see that both Leo & Lila have inherited this. Leo has a little more of his dad, Rob’s, darkness and an air of wanting to be surrounded by the best sort of mischief. He’s a proper boy in that sense; keen to be covered in mud, bruises, scratches or all three. Jesse, my own son, has always been drawn to personalities similar to his so when they first met whilst in the same year at school together, it wasn’t long before they became friends.

Spending this day with them at their home just outside Coventry, and then heading over to Coombe Abbey, was a delight. It’s a photographer’s dream to have this much natural light in one space and as you can see, Lila knew how to work the camera… something I’m sure she’d remembered from the first session that Sam had booked with me a few months previously.

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