Smiths of Smithfield Wedding | Hayley & Brad

It can be an emotional rollercoaster, photographing weddings, when you apply the love experienced on that one day to your own life. On so many occasions it’s almost served negatively in that it’s so easy to use it as a comparison. “Well, my other half doesn’t say these things to me on a daily basis, so we must not have as strong a relationship.” “Well, my best friends don’t have my back no matter what in the way these girls seem to, so our friendships can’t be as genuine.”

I have to remind myself that although every word spoken IS true, every act IS genuine, it’s just one tiny preview into their lives. Our relationships ALL have ups and downs. Our friendships DO have bumps. These people I’m surrounded by are no different and simply this is a milestone in surviving all of that.

Hayley & Brad in their vows spoke of all of these things. They admitted that it’s not always amazing, but promised that they would have each other’s best interest at heart always no matter what. They were so honest and so heartfelt that I may have had to wipe a tear away myself behind the camera…

Here are their images, all shot in and around Smiths of Smithfields, London.