South Farm Wedding Photography | Angelique & Chris

South Farm Wedding Photography | Angelique & Chris

It takes a very special wedding to keep me up until 3am drinking with the main bulk of the wedding party. Or maybe it just takes feeling like you’re around old friends and being supplied with jaeger…. either way this is one of the most memorable weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing to date.

Sometimes I get in my head about it – “should I be more ‘professional'”, “should I be more reserved?” and when I spend too much time thinking about it I would probably end up at the response that I should be. But that’s only when thought gets in the way. That’s when the ‘expectations’ get in the way.

One of the things I am best at in my job is allowing other people around me to be themselves. To not feel like the camera is on them the whole time. To relax them into genuine emotion. And that’s because of me and the way I interact with others. I WANT to be part of the day. Maybe not always until 3am… and maybe a few less cigars so I don’t feel like my lungs are collapsing the next day… but the social side of this is a reason why I love it so much.

Angie & Chris had found me through Ben & Maine, who’s wedding I photographed back in 2015 and who were both at this wedding. Along with another groomsmen who had been at B&M’s wedding too. So in essence it WAS hanging out with old friends. Ones who know how to fucking party…

Still. The images came out pretty brilliant if I don’t say so myself. C&A met in New Zealand where Angie is originally from and there was such a sense of pure raw emotion that is derived from the Kiwi culture – the term ‘I love you’ was thrown around effortlessly all day and it made me feel so warm. We need to do that more often.

Here is their South Farm wedding…