St Pancras Wedding Photography // E & E 

It’s very difficult to find words to articulate this wedding narrative. I guess that’s the work of the photographs, right? That’s always been my opinion anyway and you will notice minimal words to begin the stories on this blog.

However, I feel that this does need some explaining.

My first communications with Evelynne & Evan were in 2012 when they changed their wedding date so that I could document their day and it’s fairly safe to say that I was humbled from that point onwards. I met them not long after for their pre wedding shoot and their warmth and light heartedness instantly made us the best of friends.

These two fit together effortlessly.

For me the test (& the source of my passion) when I’m shooting weddings is to capture the ordinary, extraordinarily however when a wedding is already extraordinary I can take that to completely different levels.

I always explain to my couples that I shoot their day my way. There is no shooting to capture every guest, no shooting to see every moment. Evelynne & Evan trusted me with that totally and this is the result.

This is what you get when the couple have thought about the light, thought about the venue, thought about what will make their photography amazing.

I hope you enjoy.


Just checking in after not visiting for a while and wow! absolutely loving the dark tones. This wedding was so beautiful and you’ve done it justice with your very talented photography! Tx

Claudia, you don’t understand how lucky Alex and I feel to have you as our wedding photographer – we turned to each other and beamed about it the other night. These photos are just incredible and heighten the already bursting excitement that I feel knowing that you’ll be there to document our day. What a gorgeous couple evelynne and evan are and such a beautiful wedding! Much love x


We have looked at the pictures every day since you sent them to us. They are such a truthful portrait of what happened that day, we will always cherish them and they will always bring us right back to that amazing day we had.
We would have changed our dates 100 times if that meant having you as our photographer. And I like to think that there will be many more events in our lives that we will want you to be there to capture for us.

Damn, this is one cool wedding, amazingly captured, amazing light and such a cool couple, fantastic documentary work Claudia, loving the dark tones on the black and whites, my favourite style too – thanks for the joy, your mega!!!

These are amazing!! So much personality, genuineness, and warmth.

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