Twenty Eighteen – the visual representation

Back in December I sat down for a day and wrote a stream of consciousness linked to my memories from 2018. That acts as the ‘words’ part of this two part reflection. I would hugely recommend reading that first, you can find it here.

It’s now February and my editing queue from the last 12 months is clear; enabling me to complete a collation of my favourite images from 43 weddings and 17 portrait shoots.

I’ll be honest (because I always am in this sharing space that is my journal) I struggled with this. Not necessarily to choose the images for this purpose, but more to see a clear and consistent style throughout my work. I photograph weddings in alignment with the couple; I pride myself on not over stepping those boundaries on the day and their experience of the way that I work is always placed in higher importance than their images. Again, this is something that I pride myself on and won’t be changing any time soon.

Having said that, I’ve learnt three things through doing this.

1. I need to shoot more personal work and experiment more.

2. I need to find more of a balance between pushing myself artistically on the day yet still retaining that ‘I’m not the bossy photographer’ ethos.

3. I need to take an idea into each wedding and work hard to nail that one challenge.

That’s enough words. Here are the images.