Twenty Eighteen – the visual representation

Back in December I sat down for a day and wrote a stream of consciousness linked to my memories from 2018. That acts as the ‘words’ part of this two part reflection. I would hugely recommend reading that first, you can find it here.

It’s now February and my editing queue from the last 12 months is clear; enabling me to complete a collation of my favourite images from 43 weddings and 17 portrait shoots.

I’ll be honest (because I always am in this sharing space that is my journal) I struggled with this. Not necessarily to choose the images for this purpose, but more to see a clear and consistent style throughout my work. I photograph weddings in alignment with the couple; I pride myself on not over stepping those boundaries on the day and their experience of the way that I work is always placed in higher importance than their images. Again, this is something that I pride myself on and won’t be changing any time soon.

Having said that, I’ve learnt three things through doing this.

1. I need to shoot more personal work and experiment more.

2. I need to find more of a balance between pushing myself artistically on the day yet still retaining that ‘I’m not the bossy photographer’ ethos.

3. I need to take an idea into each wedding and work hard to nail that one challenge.

That’s enough words. Here are the images.


really beautiful, your work has a gentleness about it which I really love. clever use of light and a real respect for your subjects. top notch, lady x

Stunning Claudia, you have a such a special way for finding interesting light, I love your style. So unique and totally captivating.

Such an awesome set of images Claudia. You really are able to capture the most beautiful moments! Love the guy looking in the mirror, holding his chain, perfect! You even manage to make tomatoe sauce look good!

Hey C, aw man, I love this collection, you have always had a beautiful style I have admired and loved, I can tell you shoot straight from the ‘heart’ deep within, so much love, joy and quietness in your frames that no doubt depicts your personality too.

Our paths have gotta cross soon surely ;)

Damo x

clauudia, your work is so unique and full of your distinct eye and how you respond and see the world, keep shooting from your heart and go gently.. x

I always look forward to your end of year C. I must have seen everyone and I honestly think this is the best yet! Bravo. Its so refreshing to see someone who isn’t just trying to produce a certain “style” but more of a vision….a reflection of them selves. Your work always does that

Beautiful, filmic and timeless work Claudia! Love these, they are very much your style!!

Beautiful work with a unique vision and a true artist’s eye. Always love your work. A stunning year C!

Beautiful, delicate, distinctly Claudia. Nicely done chum xx

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