the wedding spotlight – create yourself designs

The Wedding Spotlight – Create Yourself Designs

I’m going to be honest here, I don’t always know what we have coming up next on The Wedding Spotlight. My wonderful friend and part-time Creative Manager was entirely in charge of this project and I trusted her to source relevant suppliers; we both love the same visions and she can almost pretend she’s planning a second wedding (yes M!) whilst taking some admin stress off me, so it suited us both perfectly.

This week I absolutely adore her find. Create Yourself Designs are my ultimate stationery/gifts crush right now. Bright pops of colours, slogans to put a smile on your face and a brilliant business mind behind it all…. can I have the entire shop please!?

Take it away Stephanie…

My name is Stephanie Bertenshaw, I own Create Yourself Designs, a graphic design business that specialises in gifts and stationery products, custom branding and bespoke wedding stationery.

I created this business 2 years ago (with after perviously owning a shop in my local village which specialised in handmade gifts and art.) It has since gone from strength to strength and I could not be more thrilled!

I am self taught as a designer and illustrator so my own products and previous creations have transformed considerably since I began and my talents have evolved and grown. Seeing how far I have come and how the business itself has expanded really spurs me on to grow further. I created my own studio home for the business and have finally finished my studio workshop. It is beautiful, bright and colourful and inspires me everyday when I go in there to work, I just feel really lucky.

As I live and work from home, I usually get up along with my partner who leaves for work at 8am. I have a BIG coffee (the first of many) and head straight into the workshop to answer emails and pack up any orders due to go out. I then go for a big dog walk with my gorgeous doggies Lola and Buddy to clear my head, get some fresh Yorkshire air and get ready for round two. The next part of the day will usually be spent designing for customers and, when I get a free moment, my own range of gifts and stationery products. When I am in the grove I can work until very late, usually ending the evening with a glass of red and good series on the TV.

Of course I adore seeing couples using the wedding designs we have worked together to create on their big day (often the table decorations and name cards will be in the backgrounds of photos of the happy guests.) It’s nice to see everyone enjoying them. I also have head lots of stories of family members of the couple crying when they receive their invites, that is a BIG compliment and makes me teary too!

Similarly I do a lot of branding and logo designs, and have worked with many businesses just getting started. Many of these businesses have since blown up and they are doing really well. It is especially humbling to thing my designs have helped even the teeniest bit in getting their businesses seen and know.

I would say delegate where you can with important or time consuming jobs so you are less stressed and can enjoy the process more, but do know what style and colours etc you want so that you can make sure everything you do delegate has a concept that everyone can follow. That way when everything comes together at the end, nothing will look out of place.
Style-wise you can get plenty of themes and ideas online that get you excited and inspire you, use this excitement in every item involved at your wedding, if it doesn’t make you scream with glee don’t have it there… This day is about surrounding yourself with everyone and everything you love!


You can find Create Yourself Designs on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM