The Wedding Spotlight – The I Do Paper Co

The Wedding Spotlight – The I Do Paper Co

How utterly beautiful are these bespoke wedding invitations!? We are in love…  Given that I adore white space and simple, clean, fonts throughout my own website I can imagine these would be something I would go for should I get married!

First things first, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
I’m Christie, Owner and Creative Director of The I Do Paper Co. and we are a boutique stationery company that specializes in wedding stationery that is modern and vintage with a contemporary twist We just launched our Etsy Shop on Easter Sunday, so this is a very exciting time for us!

What inspires you to push yourself creatively or further in business?
As a team probably the feeling we get when a bride is over the moon with their order and the glowing feedback we have received. That, and knowing that we have given her the best support we could offer, going above and beyond is in our DNA.

And on a personal level I have been very lucky to have been surrounded by super motivated and insanely creative people for most of my career. I started out working as a Graphic Designer for fast-paced design agencies in London and then for one of the best design agencies in the South West for clients like Coca-Cola, so I have worked with and learnt from some of the best designers and most inspiring people I’ve ever met.

What does your daily routine look like?
This is all pretty new at the moment! But my daily routine probably goes a little something like this… Start the day with a good breakfast and a strong coffee! Then the first thing I do is check emails and Etsy for any inquiries or orders overnight. In my opinion good customer service is the back bone of every business and even more so in the wedding industry, so it’s incredibly important to give our brides the attention and support they deserve. Next I’ll check on social media and post out our content. As I said before I can’t get through the day without designing SOMETHING and my head is usually buzzing with ideas, so I’ll sit down and sketch them out. Whether it’s ideas for social media posts or new products, it’s definately my favourite part of the day!

What’s your favourite memory from working in this field so far?
Probably when our first order came in on Etsy, it was a real “Yay, we did it!” moment!

What advice would you give to couples to make the most of their wedding day?
Just relax and be happy! (Easier said than done, I know), Take the time to enjoy the moment and soak it all in – it’ll be one of the most magical and happiest days of your life :D

Thank you so much Christie for being part of our Spotlight series. If you want to find out more you can follow them on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST – They have also very kindly given us a discount code for 10% off by quoting SPOTLIGHT10.