the wedding spotlight – knot and bloom

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The Wedding Spotlight – Knot & Bloom

Wow, the last two weeks have been so incredibly busy! In one weekend I went from the New Forest to the Peak District, then on to Bali, then back, then back to London and now I’m finally getting round to updating this spotlight feature. Sorry, Jo, for the delay! Jo is the owner of Knot & Bloom and we are so happy to have them featured today! Read on…

I’m Jo, Owner and Creative Director for Knot & Bloom. Its a bridal accessories business born out of a love of all things vintage and weddings with a large amount of originality and colour thrown in! The idea for Knot & Bloom began to germinate during the planning of my own wedding when I wanted to include vintage colour in my outfit especially my headdress and couldn’t find anything non white so I decided to make my own! Its taken 6 years to finally take the leap and launch the business – I have had 2 children, left the corporate world and moved half way across the country in that time! I’m a trained textile designer who’s love for all things tactile began by searching through my mums sewing box as a child. For my first job after graduating I was lucky enough to work in the Liberty of London textile archive, what an AMAZING place!! Everything I create is handmade from whatever inspires me – this could be a vintage feather, a button or even a vinyl album cover! I take great care in creating one-offs and original pieces so each bride has something unique to wear on their wedding day.

My inspiration definitely comes from my friends and family. Their belief in me and what I do is awe-inspiring. I just love it when my little boy tells me the piece I’m working on is “so pretty mummy”. I also take great inspiration from nature and the world around me – a flower show, an exhibition, what someone is wearing as they walk by, it doesn’t matter really if something gets triggered in my mind I go with it! Seeing other small businesses succeed is what drives me on. I appreciate the sacrifices, hard work and dedication they must have invested to get them to where they are now and this continues to push me forward. It’s early days in the life of Knot & Bloom, but I love what I do so I’m not going to stop now!

A daily routine can vary greatly. Firstly I’m a mum to two gorgeous boys so my days usually start with cuddles and tantrums! However once they are happy and where they need to be, then I can focus on my work. I like to try and be as organised with my time as possible but I do like to have some freedom and flexibility to create when I want to.

My most favourite memory so far is meeting all the amazing and talented people that work in this industry. I love seeing and hearing about other businesses as running your own business can be tough. Its such a great support network and there can be some amazing results when a collective pull together on an idea for a photographic shoot. Additionally to hear a thank you from a bride is such an amazing feeling, knowing you’ve helped create their special day.

My best advice for couples is to believe in your ideas and go with them. If you want to wear bright red – DO IT!!! It is your day and one you will remember forever so believe in yourself and be happy. Additionally, nothing is ever 100% perfect – inevitably something will not go according to plan, but go with it as this helps create a lasting memory. On your day take 10 minutes out for you and your other half to enjoy the moment together. Observe all your family and friends, who are there for you, having an amazing time  – you’ll remember their love and laughter forever.

Thank you so much Jo. If you like the look and sound of what she does then you can follow her on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST