The Wedding Spotlight; Mythillogical

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. We’re posting a little late today as have enjoyed watching Moana, doing our weekly shopping and then playing some disc golf for a couple of hours. As told by my three year old – “Mummy, thank you for taking me to throw the frisbees!”. Winning at parenthood….. Kind of.

Anyway, today I’m so excited to bring to you The Wedding Spotlight with Mythillogical – Myths and Fabrications. Aren’t these cake toppers made by Jenny just incredible! The Perfect Match one especially…. I’ve chosen that for myself *one day!?*

Hope you enjoy!

First things first, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Jenny, and I am the itchy-fingered creator behind Mythillogical – Myths and Fabrications. I make needle-felted and polymer clay based mixed media three-dimensional oddities, gifts and alternative cake toppers for couples whose love is a little less ordinary.

What inspires you to push yourself creatively or further in business?

My background is in illustration, so I love characters and concept and telling a story. I’ve always been drawn to the slightly less conventional and I particuarly love custom cake topper commissions, so I can make a topper that’s as unique and individual as the couple getting married.

What does your daily routine look like?

I juggle Mythillogical with a part-time job, and a family, so any given day can be slightly different. Unlike most people, my favourite day is Monday, as this is the day I get to concentrate solely on Mythillogical. On Monday’s you will find me felting, sculpting, photographing, sketching or just dreaming up my next design idea.

What’s your favourite memory from working in this field so far?

I particularly enjoy making wedding cake toppers, it’s really quite an honour to be part of someone’s special day in my own small way. It’s very lovely when a customer sends a picture of a cake topper I have made in situ on their wedding cake; there’s nothing quite like seeing where my creations have ended up.

What advice would you give to couples to make the most of their wedding day?

My best advice is simply to remember why you are doing it. If you can just be delighted that you are marrying the person that you love most in the whole world, anything that could go wrong on the day, or anything that isn’t quite perfect just really won’t matter.

Thank you so much Jenny for sharing this with us! If you want to see more from Mythillogical, you can follow her on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER or read her BLOG