The Wedding Spotlight; Rhiannon V Martin Floral Design

The Wedding Spotlight; Rhiannon V Martin Floral Design

This next instalment of our blog series, The Wedding Spotlight, brings our first florist to your eyes dear readers. This girl is extra special to my heart as I met her on a wedding back in 2015. Rhiannon is the bride Abi’s cousin and did such an incredible job of the design and floral set up of Abi & Alex’s special day. I’ve also entrusted her to work with me on some plans for 2017 so really excited to be able to share this interview today. Without further ado…

1. First things first, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Rhiânnon V. Martin! I started off wanting to get into the fashion industry at an early age (designing and then styling) and fell into the visual merchandising sector of the industry. I became very frustrated with the rules and politics of working within a large company as I didn’t feel it allowed me to be as creative as I wished, and therefore decided to get into floral design. I have always had a love for flowers since I was a little girl, born from the fact that I used to help clean the church with my great-grandmother’s union friends. I always remember helping tidy away the used pedestal flowers with all the old girls!

I’m currently a freelance florist within the Hertfordshire area. I specialise in all things floral and pride myself on offering services to weddings, funerals and dinner parties specifically.

I think what is also special about the work I do and what I can provide is my ability to incorporate my visual merchandising skills and expertise into every arrangement/event that I do. I also use my illustration skills to help get ideas across and communicate with my clients.

2. What inspires you to push yourself creatively or further in business?

Firstly, my nephews are a huge part of my inspiration as I love and dote on them as if they were my own! I also want my future children to be proud of me and what I have achieved, and to show them that you can be happy and have everything you desire and wish for as long as you put the effort, work and passion into it.

My late Nan taught me “we are all born and all heading in the same direction, it’s what you do in-between that counts! So make it count!” And that’s definitely a philosophy I live by.

I’ve had some rubbish jobs in the past that have made me feel unappreciated; ones that haven’t challenged my creative ability. My experience in working 9-5 for a company is that you become just a number, so I find that working for myself and depending on myself pushes me to master my craft more and more everyday in order to be the best I can be within the field I am passionate about.

3. What does your daily routine look like?

Every day is different for me! I will wake up and have breakfast (as it is the most important meal of the day!) however one day I could be doing paperwork for half the day; completing estimates and quotes, answering emails, scheduling consultation meetings and the like. Then the next I could be up at 5am ready for a flower delivery. This also includes conditioning the flowers, then cleaning up and prepping all the components which are all the finicky details that you don’t see. Another day I could spend sketching out the bespoke illustrations that I offer and then the week could be finished by a full day of client meetings! Organisation truly is key.

4. What’s your favourite memory from working in this field so far?

I have a few lovely memories but the one that stands out the most is of my cousin’s wedding! It was totally different to anything I was taught at flower school. They expressed a desire to have a very boho, rustic, pagan vibe to the day and this really allowed me to be truly creative. One of the obvious reasons I have fond memories of this day is that I got to watch my beautiful cousin marry the love of her life, but another reason is because after the centrepieces were put together and finished I travelled to the venue to help set it up and dress it and it feels so amazing to have been part of making it look incredible.

5. What advice would you give to couples to make the most of their wedding day?

Firstly, incorporate both of your tastes and styles into the day! Before I got into floristry, I spent years watching rubbish Sunday television wedding shows and always felt shocked at how the Bride would often dismiss the Groom’s ideas entirely. Compromise and communicate about it; a problem shared is a problem halved and you can both end up happy.  As an example of this, I have a wedding booked for 2018 and the Groom is a Marvel fanatic. The Bride isn’t so much, but in communicating about it they have agreed to have the back of the cake decorated in that theme and also to name the tables after superhero characters. Just to add another final touch I’ve suggested to build small Marvel characters into the buttonholes for the boys. These can be removed for the official photographs and then popped back on again after. Perfect!

Secondly, enjoy the day as much as you can! I always think the earlier you can start the better as time just seems to fly by so quickly. I had a friend who had an 11am ceremony as that was all the venue could cater for and she was so concerned her guests would be bored, but it turned out it was the best thing that could have happened because she got to spend more time socialising with her loved ones!

Thirdly, don’t forget to # your day on social media. You can show off all your hard work and planning to people but also it allows you to see images that guests may take on their phones that you could otherwise miss!

My last but most important bit of advice is make sure there is a free bar. “No great stories ever started with water or salad!”

Thank you so much Rhi for being part of this! You can find her work on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER, or email her on rhiannonvmartinflowers@yahoo.co.uk. She’s also offering anyone who books with her through this feature 10% off by quoting CLAUDIA.