the wedding spotlight – satin and tat

The Wedding Spotlight – Satin and Tat

It’s my first week off since May so I’m trying to take some time to relax this week and have some personal date days; unfortunately I’ve woken up this morning with flu like symptoms and am absolutely knackered! So back to the couch I go… 

It gives me an excuse though to catch up a little bit with blogging, and I’m super excited to bring to you today the gorgeous stationery, invitations and designs of Satin and Tat. Take it away Sharon…

Satin and Tat creates quirky wedding invitations and stationery for style savvy couples having an alternative, off-beat or vintage wedding day.  My stationery is all about good design, illustration and typography and all started life as drawings and paintings or were created from my own photography so my clients can be sure they’re getting something completely original!

A lot of my stationery is geared towards the more daring bride and groom like my Taxidermy design but I also offer a whole range of beautiful vintage, rustic and watercolour stationery.

The thing that drives me the most is being unique and standing apart from other stationers. My Brides and Grooms can be confident that they’re going to have something totally individual. I’ve put a great amount of effort into creating designs that are original, quirky and make a real statement. All of my invites and on-the-day stationery has been designed with stylish and quirky brides and grooms in mind who don’t want the same run-of-the-mill, twee wedding stationery that we’ve all seen before.

I have two designs that can be customised with yours and your partners’ favourite song lyric! This could be from your first dance song or the song you walk down the aisle to. I’m always excited to create new designs so if you love my style and have a great idea then get in touch!!

Each day is totally different for me! I split my time between work and looking after my daughter Delilah. I could be up to my elbows in mud pies and playdough one day and putting the finishing touches to wedding invite orders the next. When I’m working I spend most of my time in my little office. I design, print and finish all invitations myself so I can keep a close eye on the quality…I have very high standards!

I created one such design for a lovely lady, who was having a Tim Burton inspired wedding. She loved the design so much that she invited me to her wedding! I have lots of lovely clients and get on with them all so well but to know that one of my brides wanted me at her big day was amazing!!

Be yourself! You’ll only do this once so make sure you do it your own way. You don’t have to follow the crowd and make you day a carbon copy of everyone else’s. Tradition is important but so is being unique and….YOU!!

In addition, I would love to offer readers of the Claudia Rose Carter blog a 10% discount on any order over £100. To take advantage of this offer please email me directly at sharon@satinandtat.co.uk and I’ll make sure all their needs are catered for.


Definitely take up that offer! You can find Satin and Tat on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.