Who Am I?

So far in 2018 I have photographed 28 weddings, a handful of pre weddings, one or two portrait shoots and not that much else. When I began to focus more on wedding photography back in 2011 I made sure to constantly be using my camera, constantly striving to inspire myself and take elements of other photography genres into a wedding day. That is what I felt set me apart from the wide expanse of others. Since having Jesse and trying to balance mum life, partner life, friend life and daughter life a lot of my spare time that I once spent ‘shooting for fun’ vanished and I found myself going from wedding to wedding without really having picked up the camera in between. This has eventuated in my not quite being sure any more what makes me ‘unique’.

Thankfully, there are enough weddings to go round and I’m so grateful to be a member of a very small selection of Facebook groups or social circles full of incredible humans first and foremost, inspiring photographers second. Upon posting in one of these said groups last night “what do you do if you lose confidence in your work?” I had a barrage of answers from said incredible humans stating very definitely that I wasn’t alone in my fear. Advising me to take into account that it’s September, for many it’s nearing the end of their season (although I have an additional 13 weddings to document this year – which I am terribly excited for!) and the energy to really push that creative spark needs a re-boost.

I will not claim for one second that a camera can make a better photographer, but I will suggest that a photographer can achieve more of their personal inner ‘YES!’ with the camera that best suits them. I mean, this is all a very long and drawn out way of explaining that I’ve bought a Sony A7iii (after watching THIS video) and joined the bandwagon of those adoring the mirrorless.

And oh boy, do I adore it. It’s everything I wanted my Fuji XT2’s to be last year. It’s full frame, auto focus is insane, sharp as a button at f2.0 (and hopefully below)… and more than all of the technical specs it’s encouraging me to shoot ‘for fun’ again.

Here are some photographs of my beautiful boy over the last three days…