Wild Love Films

In August of 2018 I was sat watching the sunset in Copenhagen. I was there to photograph the incredible wedding of Amalie + Peter, who had chosen a rooftop restaurant in a greenhouse for their reception dinner. The sunflowers were still stood upright, smiling at the sky. The stunning vocals from Renee from Tobi Tobi floated into the air and honestly, it was as perfect as this picture I’m trying to evoke.


Renee: “You should follow this boy on Instagram, I think you’d really get on…”
Me: (somewhat dubiously) “Ah yeah, sure!”
Renee: “He’s in Wales, is that far from you?”
Me: “Depends where, but not massively.”

Despite Renee’s pure intentions to set us up, I took her advice and I followed that boy on Instagram. He’d met Renee + her husband Jamie whilst working in Australia and it’s clear from the stories I’ve heard since that their friendship has played a big part in all of their lives.

Fast forward 2 years and I’d booked a wedding in for December 2019 that I needed a videographer for. I got him on the phone. He agreed and we made a plan.

He smashed the wedding we shot together. He’s a joy to work alongside. It’s so vital for wedding photographers and videographers that there is a similar mentality in their approach else both products can be compromised. Matt blends in but is there to capture those special moments. I’d make a joke here that he’s forgettable, but I think that’s just our humour. He’s since captured footage of me for my 2019 photography round-up video, listened to my endless overly-passionate conversations about what I do and helped me label anxieties when things don’t go right.

I trust him totally and I’m thrilled to be able to offer video + photo packages for 2020 onwards.

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