best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0404 Artistic Wedding Photography
soho-farmhouse-wedding-photography-claudia-sophie-gregg-225 Artistic Wedding Photography
DSCF5419 Artistic Wedding Photography
the-keeper-and-the-dell-wedding-photography_0149 Artistic Wedding Photography
jennacarlos Artistic Wedding Photography
destination-wedding-photography-egypt-cairo-amy-hegazy-claudia-rose-carter-1330 Artistic Wedding Photography
reportage2 Artistic Wedding Photography
new-york-destination-wedding-photography-mads-tim-claudia-rose-carter-1303 Artistic Wedding Photography
seychelles-wedding-photography-wedding-day-edina-giovanni-280 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0393 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0385 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0367 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0327 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0256 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0234 Artistic Wedding Photography
new-york-destination-wedding-photography-mads-tim-claudia-rose-carter-1069 Artistic Wedding Photography
granada-spain-destination-wedding-photography_0142 Artistic Wedding Photography
unique-artistic-destionation-italy-tuscany-wedding-photography-hamish-sara-1236 Artistic Wedding Photography
france-destination-wedding-photography-ella-cillian-claudia-rose-carter-1310 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0306 Artistic Wedding Photography
destination-elopement-wedding-photography-barcelona_0058 Artistic Wedding Photography
artistic-portrait-photography-norway-abi-alex-claudia-rose-carter-1053 Artistic Wedding Photography
merriscourt-wedding-photography_0043 Artistic Wedding Photography

Apart from saying yes to Pedro, choosing Claudia Rose Carter was the best decision of our wedding. I met Claudia at my friends’wedding in 2016 in Granada and it was obvious to me that she was the one who could capture so perfectly our day.
I wish every bride could meet her and see her work because she is gifted. Not only is she absolutely brilliant at her job but having her around us was perfection. She is a brilliant human being, a fun person who you wish you have with you when getting ready on the day, the one you need when you rehearse the day before and benefit from her longstanding experience, the perfect guest and the most discreet photographer I know. She captures the moment in a vibrant way and has the perfect eye on the light, which is prime to ensure great shots. All our guests cannot stop complimenting on the amazing pictures she took. – Emilie & Pedro

areias-do-seixo-wedding-photography_0171 Artistic Wedding Photography


senses-camping-wedding-photography_0238-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

best of 2017

2017. The title for this post is 'best of 2017'; purely for making it more obvious what you're clicking on. However, I would rather not refer to these images as my 'best' images. Sometimes I feel that there is huge demand in this wedding photography industry at the...

st-barts-brewery-wedding-photography_0038-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

st barts brewery wedding photography

St Barts Brewery Wedding Photography // Dean & Phil  When you are as stylish and creative as these two it's no wonder they chose to take over St Barts Brewery in Spitalfields and turn it into a 1930's Berlin Cabaret night club entitled 'The Black Cats Club'. Dean...

artistic-brighton-pre-wedding-photography_0010-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

artistic brighton pre wedding photography

Artistic Brighton Pre Wedding Photography //  Mica & Sam have been a dream to work with, from the initial enquiry right through to their pre wedding... and that's as far as we've got given that their wedding is next year! With our mutual love of music (both) and...

nottingham-pre-wedding-photography12-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

nottingham pre wedding photography

Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. And trust your instincts … good relationships feel good. They feel right. They don’t hurt. They’re not painful. That’s not just with somebody you want to marry, but it’s with the friends that you choose. It’s with...

areias-do-seixo-wedding-photography_0171-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

areias do seixo wedding photography

Areias Do Seixo wedding photography This. When everything is just perfect. As a photographer it can be frustrating when the light isn't great, or the timings are rushed, or any of the endless unforeseen things that can happen at a wedding. I pride myself on being able...

the-conrad-wedding-photography_0018-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

the conrad wedding photography

The Conrad wedding photography // Bali wedding Facebook has a lot to answer for with regards to it's ability to either inspire (I want to create images like that) or petrify (I could never create an image like that), and there have been so many times that I've wished...


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