reportage2 Artistic Wedding Photography
soho-farmhouse-wedding-photography-claudia-sophie-gregg-225 Artistic Wedding Photography
DSCF5419 Artistic Wedding Photography
the-keeper-and-the-dell-wedding-photography_0149 Artistic Wedding Photography
jennacarlos Artistic Wedding Photography
destination-wedding-photography-egypt-cairo-amy-hegazy-claudia-rose-carter-1330 Artistic Wedding Photography
new-york-destination-wedding-photography-mads-tim-claudia-rose-carter-1303 Artistic Wedding Photography
seychelles-wedding-photography-wedding-day-edina-giovanni-280 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0393 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0385 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0367 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0327 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0256 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0234 Artistic Wedding Photography
new-york-destination-wedding-photography-mads-tim-claudia-rose-carter-1069 Artistic Wedding Photography
granada-spain-destination-wedding-photography_0142 Artistic Wedding Photography
unique-artistic-destionation-italy-tuscany-wedding-photography-hamish-sara-1236 Artistic Wedding Photography
france-destination-wedding-photography-ella-cillian-claudia-rose-carter-1310 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0404 Artistic Wedding Photography
best-wedding-photography-2016-claudiarosecarter_0306 Artistic Wedding Photography
destination-elopement-wedding-photography-barcelona_0058 Artistic Wedding Photography
artistic-portrait-photography-norway-abi-alex-claudia-rose-carter-1053 Artistic Wedding Photography
merriscourt-wedding-photography_0043 Artistic Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness thank you so much, this is just brilliant… As soon as I saw your email walking home I could not wait to have a look (sorry Rob) and so just stopped in my tracks, stood on the street and it brought a great big smile to my face and a wee happy tear to my eye! Love everything about this :)

Thank you so so much Claudia for being such great company on the day, it was such a pleasure to have you with us and thank you for capturing it all so very beautifully… I even love the pictures with me in which is no mean feat and quite the testament to you not only being a master of your craft but also your ability to make those around you feel really comfortable and at ease – Laleh & Rob

laleh-rob-wedding-photography-claudiarosecarter-351 Artistic Wedding Photography


the-gathering-wedding-photography_0164-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

the gathering wedding photography // samantha & patrick

the gathering wedding photography / samantha & patrick The last time I visited the Peak District must have been 9 years ago with my best friend at the time and all I can remember is Land Rover off-roading in the most breathtaking landscape with a couple of boys...

edinburgh-wedding-photography_0095-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

edinburgh wedding photography / fiona & duncan

edinburgh wedding photography // fiona & duncan *caution, some rude words* I've spent a lot of time lately working on my mind in relation to my business and trying to ensure that for 2017 my year is majoritively full of couples who adore me, adore my work, adore...

artistic-brighton-pre-wedding-photography_0010-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

artistic brighton pre wedding photography

Artistic Brighton Pre Wedding Photography //  Mica & Sam have been a dream to work with, from the initial enquiry right through to their pre wedding... and that's as far as we've got given that their wedding is next year! With our mutual love of music (both) and...

nottingham-pre-wedding-photography12-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

nottingham pre wedding photography

Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. And trust your instincts … good relationships feel good. They feel right. They don’t hurt. They’re not painful. That’s not just with somebody you want to marry, but it’s with the friends that you choose. It’s with...

seychelles-wedding-photography-claudia-rose-carter_0029-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

seychelles wedding photography

Seychelles Wedding Photography LOCATION: The Four Seasons, Seychelles FEELING: hot and a little tired, however so grateful HEARING: the lapping of the pool in the private villa against the sides SEEING: the most incredible sunsets and the most genuine smiles Words...

thailand-koh-samui-wedding-photography-claudia-rose-carter_0056-1080x675 Artistic Wedding Photography

koh samui beach wedding

Koh Samui wedding photography // These ten days in Thailand were life changing for so many reasons and despite being a little behind on admin this year, it's taken me the best part of 5 months to come around to blogging this wedding as I wasn't sure I could find the...


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