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Hey! I’m Claudia. I recently moved to Warwickshire after living across the UK, most recently in London. I’ve been photographing weddings + families internationally since 2011. I photograph weddings from the ‘inside-out’, that is to say, I focus on my relationships with my couples and through that trust I am able to provide documentary story-telling images that are a true reflection of the wedding day. Nothing posed, nothing cheesy. Just beautiful memories.​

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Claudia Rose Carter Photographer

I fall in love so easily. With experiences, first and foremost. Memories, people, relationships, ideals.

Every wedding that I have the pleasure to be part of I’m asked whether I get tired of weddings.

I can honestly say, nine years into this, that I don’t envisage a time that I will get tired of it.

My passion is intrinsically entwined with humanity. Humanity has the benefit that we are each capable of our own individualities, of feeling the love for others we deem appropriate.

That love, every single time, makes me feel humbled. Each couple I photograph, I invite myself into that love, to better observe and document.

The most common feedback I receive is that it felt like having another close friend present, just one that happens to have a camera.

In this day and age of social media and comparison it’s easy to compare; easy to feel that we are falling behind. All, ultimately, we can control, is ourselves. And being the best version of that.

That is what I promise. That is what I provided, to each of my couples spanning the previous nine years. That is what I promise to my couples of the future.

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